Our Supporters

Benevolent Government of India

Benevolent Government of Karnataka

Smt Sudha Murty
– Chairperson, Infosys Foundation
Sri S.M.Krishna
– Former Chief Minister, Govt of Karnataka
Sri Krishne Byre Gowda
– Hon'ble Minister of State, Govt of Karnataka
Sri Sundara Raman
– Former Deputy Managing Director State Bank of India

Advisory Committee

- Chief Mentor of The Mandali​
Dr Manu Baligar I.A.S (Retd.)
– President of Kannada Sahitya Parishad
– CMD Theme Work Analytics
Dr Mysore Manjunath
– Internationally acclaimed Violinist
Sri Subba Narasimha
– Social Worker
Sri Balu Masti
Shri Ananth Somashekar


Our Chief Patron:


Smt Sudha Murty – Chairperson Infosys Foundation

The Management

1) Dr.C.S.Kedar

  - Chief Mentor of The Mandali

Dr.C.S.Kedar is the person who supported S.N.Varadaraj after the death of our beloved Founder Late.S.V.Narayanaswamy Rao. The Mandali could attain new heights only because of his patronage. He filled the vacuum that had caused due to the death of our founder. He is a musician and has a beautiful voice. He has even released many albums. He has played a vital role in preserving Dasa Sahitya while he was the secretary of Department of Kannada & Culture, Govt of Karnataka.

As an I.A.S officer he served as the Joint Secretary to the Cabinet, Government of India, Director General of E.S.I.C, Chairman of Bangalore Development Authority and K.U.I.D.F.C. He also served as the Finance Secretary to the Government of Karnataka. He is one of the most respected IAS officer in the country. After his retirement he has joined JSW Foundation as its Chief Executive.

He is also an accomplished singer and has released many albums.


2) S.N.Varadaraj

  - General Secretary/ M.T & M.D.

The backbone of Mandali's success story, S.N.Varadaraj a Mechanical Engineer by profession is the last son of our beloved founder Late.Sri.S.V.Narayanaswamy Rao. He left his job at an MNC to continue serving Music & lord Rama in the year 2000 post S.V.N Rao's death. Prathibhakankshi Youth Music festival was started by him in the year 2001. In order to bring about an awareness regarding the scientific aspects of Ramayana, he has established 'The Ramayana Research Foundation'. The RRF had organised a 'World Ramayana Conference' in 2015 which was witnessed by over 50,000 people. He is involved in the activities of the Mandali since he was 15 years. Mr Varadaraj is a musician himself & also a scholar of Ramayana. With the blessings of lord Rama and with the support of people like Dr.C.S.Kedar & Smt Sudha Murty, the Mandali has seen overall improvement under his administration. He now aims in bringing financial stability to the Mandali and expanding it globally. He is also in the mission of establishing a university for Indian Performing Arts. S.N.Varadaraj & his wife Geetha Varadaraj have sacrificed their lives for the cause of Mandali. When enquired about his contribution he humbly points out “Naham Karta Hari Karta”. His integrity, humbleness, Modesty and more importantly HARDWORK will always bring good fruits for the Mandali.


3) Dr.Parasuram Balasubramanian

  - Patron & Advisor

Founder of Theme Works Analytics, Dr.P.Balasubramanian is an expert in the areas of Visioning, Strategic Planning and Execution Excellence in Information Technology ; Financial acumen and Management ; Market and Customer focus ; Objectivity and Equanimity ; Empathetic Listening ; Leading by example ; Ability to construct Win Win solution embracing all stakeholders & Corporate Governance. He was Senior Vice President of Infosys before he started his own venture.

He is a great admirer of Karnatic Music and he has been a great supporter of the Mandali.


4) Abhijith Varadaraj S

  - Executive Officer & JMT

Abhijith Varadaraj S is the grandson of our beloved Founder Sri S V N Rao and represents the 3rd generation of the Mandali. He is associated with the Mandali since 7 years and has brought a new vigour to the Mandali. He is a great admirer of Karnatic Music and also has great interest in spreading the essence of Ramayana which lead to the establishment of Ramayana Research Foundation and organising of the first ever World Ramayana Conference in India. He has completed his Bachelor's in International Business and is pursuing his MBA from a reputed University in Bangalore. He is proficient in the India Trusts Act and NGO Management. At the Mandali he has brought out many structural and procedural changes including the establishment of SRSM Foundation a section 8 company. He aims in expanding the activities of the Mandali in a global arena. His leadership has enabled the Mandali to connect with the younger generation. The Mandali is perhaps the only cultural organisation to have a strong base in social media which is a result of his determination and efforts. His motto like his father is simple "Yatra Dharmaha Tatra Jayaha" where there is Dharma there will be victory.